Onaway Trustees

Camp Onaway is run by a dedicated group of volunteer trustees who share a love for the camp and all that it stands for. Please let the Onaway office know if you would like contact information.

susi-mudge-smExcerpts from the Spring 2014, Alumnae News from the President of the Board:

The Board's work has been focused on outreach and stewardship, updating our policies and by laws, and continuing to find ways to ensure Onaway has the solid foundation to support her going forward. We are continuously reminded of the Camp’s mission as we listen to the quarterly reports from Anne Conolly, our director, who will be celebrating her eleventh year as camp director this summer. We are so blessed to have her.

At our fall meeting, thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Keen family, the Board was able to get together with many friends of Onaway residing in the Philadelphia area. We so valued the conversations, which provided us with excellent feedback and suggestions as well as an opportunity to share memories and reflect on the wonderful treasure that Onaway is. During our spring meeting, we examined the values of Onaway and the Board’s vision for the future of Onaway. It was a great two days of brainstorming and forward thinking, which we will finalize at our August board meeting, at Camp. 

A quick snapshot of Onaway’s current Board includes the following:

  • 13 of today’s 20 trustees are alumnae
  • 8 are past parents and 6 are current parents
  • 3 of us are following in the footsteps of our parents who were also Onaway trustees.
  • Our 5 additional Special Trustees fall into at least one or more of these categories.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts or concerns.

Susi Mudge


Board of Trustees as of April 2016 

  • Ms. Susanna Mudge, President
  • Ms. Katherine Keen, Vice President
  • Mr. Joe Quinan, Treasurer
  • Ms. Maura "Mo" Leary, Secretary
  • Ms. Elizabeth Angney
  • Ms. Mary Broderick
  • Mr. Edwin Cragin
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins
  • Ms. Elizabeth McClelland
  • Dr. William H. Matthai Jr.
  • Ms. Caitlin Mixter
  • Mrs. Betsy Haggett Moschella
  • Ms. Rosemary Moukad
  • Ms. Meg Platt, Recent Alumna Trustee
  • Mrs. Susan Dietz Ramquist
  • Mrs. Caroline Morgan Southall
  • Mr. Richard Supple

Special Trustees

  • Mrs. Mary Crane
  • Mrs. Kay Francis Graff
  • Mrs. Jane Johnson Kent
  • Mr. William S. Lucarelli
  • Mrs. Alice Merwin Tweedy
  • Mr. James B. Vose