Health, Safety and Nutrition at Onaway

health-safetyThe health and safety of each child is always a first consideration at Onaway. A resident nurse is in constant attendance and a doctor, just five minutes away, makes daily visits and is on twenty four hour call. Speare Memorial Hospital, nine miles away, is a well equipped, modern hospital with an excellent staff. The camp’s infirmary is comfortable and attractive with a four-bed and a two-bed ward, two full baths, kitchen, dispensary, and nurse's quarters. It has a large, sunny porch for rest and is near the main kitchen. Local EMT's are in close range.

Onaway is noted for its good and ample table. The best foods are served, fresh fruits  are always available, and a salad bar comes with every lunch and dinner. Our chef, Bruce McKenzie, makes an effort to prepare food that appeals to young people and often fulfills requests! Vegetarian entrees are always available.

Leaving technology at home, the girls are active everyday and developing a heightened appreciation for being outdoors enjoying a variety of physical activities. It’s our hope that fresh air and physical activity becomes a lifelong habit and source of enjoyment for them!